What to pack for a SUP day trip

With over 20 years off paddling experience, here is a list what Piotr, Outdoor Explore Founder takes on his day trips when stand-up paddle boarding.

Lets start with the safety elements; a leash and a buoyancy aid. I always have both with me. There are different types of leashes, so have a look through this British Canoeing advice on the subject, link here.

Your buoyancy aid needs to be comfy but also can stow most important kit to carry with you. For me that’s a whistle, a sling with the karabiner, a knife and my phone packed in a waterproof case.

What else would I take on a day trip when stand-up paddle boarding?

In my dry bag, you will find:

  • first aid kit, including personal medications
  • sun cream
  • head torch and spare batteries
  • strong tape (for fixings tuff)
  • snack
  • anti-bacterial gel
  • waterproof jacket, a hat and gloves

Additionally I will carry:

  • map, compass
  • spare paddle/river fin
  • water bottle
  • throwline
What to pack for a day trip when paddle boarding
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