Just why is SUP so good for Mindfulness and your Headspace?

So, just why is SUP so great for your headspace?

Out on my guided paddleboard trips and during my tuition sessions I often find myself bringing up the topic of mindfulness and using the term ‘headspace’. This is all very well, but what am I going on about?

Very simply put, mindfulness involves concentrating on a simple task in order to clear our minds and reduce the stresses from the everyday.

Flatwater paddleboarding gives you a great opportunity to do just this!

Once you have the basics of paddleboarding and find a calm and peaceful location, you no longer have to think much about what you’re doing! You can zone out and take in the environment all around you. For me, this is the big draw for flatwater paddleboarding, just slowly drifting around, chilling out, and taking in your surroundings.

Be careful not to get too relaxed as I have, once or twice, and fallen foul of this: being so far into my own little world, chilled out and in a state of relaxation I have hit a branch and been snapped back into the now, trying my best not to fall in (which hasn’t always worked!), but that’s also part of the fun!

This year we have also partnered with Gemma at Stables Wellbeing, who deliver wellbeing and yoga retreats, and we’re pleased that they’ve added us to their already great retreats by adding one of our SUP sessions during the retreat!

You can look at – and book onto – their retreats at Stables Wellbeing

That’s not to take away from the slow-paced adventures we deliver across South Wales, finding the most relaxing environments to offer guided tours and tuition.

To join one of our Guided Tours or Tuition sessions visit Outdoor Explore Wales

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