Litter Free Paddle – Our Paddleboard Litter Pick

Last week we completed Outdoor Explore Wales’ first Litter Free Paddle of 2022!

Since the first Litter Free Paddle almost 7 years ago in Scotland, Outdoor Explore has been clearing rubbish from local waterways in Scotland and South Wales on our #LitterFreePaddle trips.

In June 2021, shortly after Outdoor Explore Wales came into being, the Welsh contingent joined in with the litter picking escapades, completing a short journey on the river Taff, just above Radyr Wier.

Last week we held our first Litter Free Paddle of 2022 on Thursday Morning. So, whilst you might have missed out this time, but we will be holding more throughout the year – so like and follow us and keep an eye on our social media!

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We bring all the paddleboarding and litter picking equipment, you just need some gloves and enthusiasm!

On the trip from Radyr weir, we try to keep everyone dry (unless you insist!) and offer some top SUP tips along the way. After we’ve cleared a good amount of litter we might even go for a little trip up the river to see Castell Coch!

Picking Litter From a Tree
Sylvia from @etoeto picks litter out of a tree 

Due to unforseen circumstances, some of the Litter Free Paddlers were unable to make the litter pick, so in the end it was just two of us pulling rubbish out of the trees and the water.

None the less, we were able to clear a large amount of rubbish from a few trees, collecting over 100kg of mostly plastic rubbish, including a flying disc, a hoody, and a large plastic sheet!

Litter Hauls from 2021 and 2022

We also have back up plans!

You may know that the water levels in the river can fluctuate if there’s a lot of rain, which can make paddling dangerous.

In such a situation we will pick litter from the river banks instead, making the Taff Trail a much more pleasant place for walking, running, and cycling.

It really does make a difference

One thing I noticed from this year’s litter pick was the difference we managed to make with our last litter pick, 9 months ago. One of the trees 4 Litter Free Paddlers spent 90 minutes clearing last year only took 2 of us 30 minutes to clear this year. This meant we were able to move our efforts to other sections of the bank and other trees.

So, join us on our next Litter Free Paddle and come and help us make a difference.

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