Fishing Failure? We check out Mumbles’ best alternatives for your fish BBQ!

As anyone who has been fishing before will know, the ‘catching the fish’ bit doesn’t always go to plan… so after a day’s SUP Fishing with Outdoor Explore Wales (or fishing from the pier – but that’s definitely not as much fun!) we have come up with some alternatives if the pesky fish aren’t biting…

Waiting for the fish to bite…

First off, you should book a space on one of Outdoor Explore Wales’ small group Paddleboard Fishing trips from Mumbles. They’re a fun day of SUP and fishing: hopefully, catching a few mackerel for a beach BBQ when we return!


No fish? Not a problem! We check out the best alternatives if you don’t have your own fish to BBQ…

Easiest Choice – Fish and Chips

The national dish. An institution in itself. As you’d expect from any self-respecting seaside district, Mumbles has plenty on offer in this department…

Trip Advisor’s Top 3 Fish and Chip shops in Mumbles are…

1) Johnnies Fish and Chip Shop – Traditional chippy, providing large portions and well-battered cod (that’s a good thing, for those who aren’t sure).

2) Copperfish Bar & Takeaway – Situated at the start of the pier, you can eat in or take away their delicious food – and they have a bar so you can discuss how big ‘the one that got away’ was!

3) Dick Barton’s – Another traditional style chippy, this one is close to the seafront overlooking Swansea bay, so you have a great view with your massive portions!

Pros – Easy, simple, quick, made for you. Delicious.

Cons – no smokey BBQ flavour – rarely mackerel!

Most Stubborn Choice – Visit the Fishmonger 

If you are of the stubborn persuasion and adamant you still neeeeed to BBQ your own fish, take a visit to Coakley’s. Not far from the seafront, you know they’re going to have fresh fish – they’re right by the sea! Maybe they got all the fish you were trying to catch (any excuse works)!

Pros – you can choose which fish you want on your BBQ

Cons – you have to buy and cook your own fish!

The Pessimist’s Choice – Bring your own fish, just in case you don’t catch any!

If you believe there is a good chance you won’t catch anything, maybe come prepared for that eventuality and pack some fish in the car!

Pros – you’ll definitely have some fish for the BBQ!

Cons – better pack it in a cool box with plenty of ice – you don’t want to eat fish that has been sat in the car all day – or that smell in your car!

So, come and join one of our SUP fishing trips and hopefully we’ll catch plenty of mackerel for a tasty little BBQ on the beach.




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