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Paddleboarding Top Tips – at Your Fingertips!

Yay! We have now got our very own YouTube Channel! It’s just HERE!

Outdoor Explore Wales YouTube

Want Top Tips on How to Stand on your Paddleboard? Think you should learn how to paddle your SUP more efficiently? What about how to fall in more safely? And then how to get back on your board? Check us out and click that Follow button!

The best way to learn is to join one of our SUP Lessons, delivered regularly in Cardiff, Swansea, Monmouth and Brecon.


You may have seen our #TopTipTuesday videos on various social media outlets (@OutdoorExploreWales on Facebook and Instagram), but now you can access them all in one place – so you can polish up on all your paddleboarding skills when the weather is too miserable to get outside!

Or watch on your phone (in its waterproof case) while you’re on the water, and practice straight away!

Learning to Paddleboard
Learning to Stand Up!

Maybe you do want to pick up some Top Tips, or maybe you just want to watch me fall in repeatedly and laugh! I won’t take it to heart!

Falling in more safely
Tactical Dismount – get wet more safely!

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