Worried you can’t Paddleboard?

Can’t Stand or Kneel? Take a seat!

Throughout the Outdoor Explore family, we don’t like saying no. It is our aim to accommodate as many people on our slow-paced adventures as we can.

We have purchased specific equipment (and will continue to get more) to make our watersport sessions as accessible as possible.

Why turn customers away? We’d rather have an honest conversation with people to find out their needs and try to accommodate them in the safest way we can.

This is why Outdoor Explore Wales have got some seats for our paddleboards, to make SUP more accessible for the less mobile and nervous paddlers; we have life jackets (instead of buoyancy aids) which don’t put pressure on pregnancy bumps; and small child life jackets for young children.

First of all – can I get on the board at all?

Our venues are tailored to your needs – we use accessible ramps and slopes for easy access in places like Swiss Valley Reservoir where Canoe Wales has installed an ‘Easy Dock’ to help all paddlers get easier access to the water.

Easy Dock at Swiss Valley Reservoir. Photo courtesy of Gemma @ Time to Thrive

Are you worried about standing up on a paddleboard?

I like to start my sessions by saying there is no pressure for anyone to stand up. If you don’t want to stand up you don’t stand up. If you’re not ready yet, no problem, you stand up when you are ready.

Start your Paddleboard journey with a lesson with Outdoor Explore Wales which you can book HERE

What if I can’t stand up?

Not a problem. We have seat attachments for our paddleboards which we can bring for you to use from the start, and we always take a SUP Seat on our guided tours, so if you get tired or your legs get uncomfortable kneeling for a long time, we can attach the seat and away we go again!

Sitting comfortably on a SUP with a seat attachment

What about if I’m pregnant?

We hear, all too often, that people have been turned away from doing activities because they’re pregnant.

As long as there is a chat beforehand to determine peoples’ restrictions, there shouldn’t be a problem. We have specific life jackets which fit around the neck and don’t put as much pressure on a baby bump.

Crewsaver Lifejacket which doesn’t put as much pressure on a baby bump

Is there a minimum age?

Absolutely not! As long as they can fit into a buoyancy aid or life jacket properly and safely, we don’t see the need to put a limit in place for age. Yes, we ask that under 8’s go on a board with a responsible adult, and under 14’s attend the trip with a responsible adult, but as long as we choose an appropriate venue, why should there be a minimum age?

A Little Monster on our Monster SUP!

If you’d rather send the little ones on the water, but aren’t a fan yourself – how about our Kid’s Club paddle sessions during the holidays? Find the next Kid’s Club HERE

What about carers?

We encourage carers of people with additional support needs to join our sessions and don’t charge for your space (just for any extra, appropriate equipment hire – usually only about £15 for a 2.5 hour trip).

Can I bring my pet?

Yes! We love to see you enjoying the paddleboard experience with your pets!

Due to the range in size of pets, we don’t supply buoyancy aids for them (we recommend a chat with the experts at Escape Watersports to get them one), but once you have one we’d love to try and get them on the board and paddling with you. Not only will it improve your paddling skills, but you’ll also both get a confidence boost from the experience!

Paddleboarding with your dog will increase your, and their, confidence

Book a lesson to get your dog used to paddleboarding HERE.

When they’re happy on your board, book a slow-paced guided tour with them HERE!

So, no excuses then?

We’re not there to push you into doing anything you don’t want to.

But we do want to make paddlesports accessible to as many as we can, so we would love a chat about why you’re hesitant to get on the water and we’ll do all we can to allay your fears!

So, get your wetsuit on, put the dog’s buoyancy aid on (on the dog, it won’t fit you :D) and drop us a message so we can have a conversation about what we can do to get you out on the water and enjoying the Welsh countryside from a new perspective!

info@outdoorexplore.wales07859 785 795

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