How to start your Paddleboarding Story

A Step by step guide on how to start paddleboarding – and how you can do it with Outdoor Explore Wales!

Taking up paddleboarding is easy, but there’s more to this slow-paced, relaxing water sport than you might think – first of all, it doesn’t have to be slow-paced or relaxing!

Why do you want to start paddleboarding?
Most people take up SUP as a chilled-out way to get outdoors and enjoy nature, and as a great opportunity to escape the daily grind and clear their headspace.

Some may want to progress to more high-octane adventure, taking on long expeditions, bouncing down exciting white water or surfing the waves on the local beach.

You don’t need to have a reason, but you might find it easier to find adventures if you know what you’re looking for!

Step 1:
Get a lesson!

You might think SUP looks easy, but you’ll be surprised at what you can learn from an instructor!

Outdoor Explore Wales offers small group lessons – no more than 4 students for better face time with the instructor.

We can also offer you private lessons; 1:1 or book a family ticket!

Step 2:
Get some practice!

There’s no better way to improve your paddling skills than by practising them! Get out there and paddle!

Joining an organised paddle with a group is a great opportunity to find like-minded paddlers, and if there’s an instructor on the trip you can ask them for paddle tips and tricks!

Step 3:
Keep yourself safe!

Staying safe is an integral part of enjoying any activity, so make sure to check the water and weather conditions, and keep your skills up to scratch!

Outdoor Explore Wales delivers Safety and Rescue courses to give you the knowledge to help keep you safe on the water.

What about kit?

We’ve intentionally left out ‘buy yourself some kit’ as you can do that at any point during your journey.

It’s also an expensive journey – so you have the choice of buying it all in one go, or slowly buying as you go. We have kit available to hire for all our trips, so you don’t ever need to buy any!

If you do want to buy yourself some paddleboarding kit, we can get a discount for you from some carefully selected retailers… just message us for details.

If you have any questions about anything at all (preferably SUP related!) please drop us a message by any method you’d prefer – we’d love to see a carrier pigeon! XD

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