What Essential SUP Skills Have you Forgotten Over Winter?

It’s been a long, cold winter – when was the last time you fell off your board or practised a self-rescue?

When was the last time you went paddleboarding? Did you fall off your paddle board? When was the last time you practised a self-rescue? Is it perfect every time? Do you know what to do if someone else falls off their board?

Wow! Lots of questions, but important questions to think about before heading back out on the water!

There are a few different ways to get back on your board if you do fall off (check out the video from SUPBoader below), but none are useful if you can’t do them – and the only way to know is to try and practice!

A great video with a few methods to get yourself back on your SUP

Is it time for you to practice your self-rescues and learn how to help others? All under the watchful eye of an instructor (who is well-rehearsed in falling off and self-rescues! Check the video below for proof!)

We offer small group, open Safety & Rescue Lessons, with no more than 6 people so we can make sure we can spend a good amount of time with each of you. As we spend so much time getting in and out of the water these sessions are only an hour long so nobody gets too cold!

If you’d rather have a 1:1 Private Lesson, we can cover anything you like regarding paddleboarding (including self and peer rescues)!

We can also offer group sessions which are awesome fun and really informative – and more than a little wet! Great for youth groups, scouts, guides, corporate team building and stag & hen parties.

As a British Canoeing Delivery Partner, we are able to offer the Paddle Safer Course. You can find details about that HERE and in the video below.

During this course, we will cover where to paddle, how to plan a trip, the equipment you might use and what to do if you get into difficulty. It is as practical as it can be and you even get a FREE certificate after the course!

If you have any questions on the above or paddleboarding in general, drop us a message at info@outdoorexplore.wales

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