Outdoor Explore Wales’ Ultimate Beginners Guide to Paddle-boarding

Want to learn to paddleboard but not sure where to start? Read on…

How do I start out?

First things first… get a lesson or jump onto an organised guided trip!

We’d recommend starting off with a lesson. It might look easy, and maybe you can stand up – but a lesson will teach you how to paddle properly – which way to face on the board (I’ve seen sillier things!), which way to hold the paddle (not as obvious as you think) – and, most importantly, how to stay safe when paddling.

Join a lesson with Outdoor Explore Wales!

If you’re as confident as we are that you will love SUP Life, jump straight in with a guided tour! I mean, we’re sure you will love it, but try joining a taster session or guided tour suitable for beginners and novices (like most of our guided tours you’ll find at www.outdoorexplore.wales/book) before diving too deep in!

What should I wear?

I like to think I did quite a succinct job of explaining this in my blog here: What Should I wear to paddleboard in South Wales?

Disagree? Tell me what I missed! info@outdoorexplore.wales

Do I Need to Buy Anything Before Starting?

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If you are joining an organised tour or lesson, you should be able to hire all you’ll need for the session from your provider (Outdoor Explore Wales hire out the boards, complete with board, paddle, fin, leash, QR belt if appropriate and a dry bag if you want one. We also have wetsuits for hire if you’re feeling a tad chilly!).

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Shoes are rarely provided, but that’s not a problem – old trainers, wetsuit booties, basically anything that will stay on your feet if you fall off. Technically you don’t need footwear, but you never know what is on the lake/ sea/ river-bed; including sharp things and weever fish (click to find out more)!

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But where can I paddle?

Great question. Not one that is easily answered (watch out for a future blog on this!)…

Rivers – you can paddle on some rivers. Some require a licence, some don’t.

Canals – these are almost all privately owned, a large number by the Canal Rivers Trust charity and you will need permission or a licence to paddle them. You can get a licence from Canoe Wales/ British Canoeing – which also covers a large number of rivers where you will need a licence.

Lakes/ Reservoirs – again, the vast majority are privately owned, so you will need to seek landowners’ permission, which often comes with a fee!

The sea – free! Yay! But beware! I’d recommend staying away from the sea unless accompanied or in a well-patrolled area until you have some experience and are confident with reading the weather, tides, currents and sea conditions. We offer an introductory Sea SUP Lesson for beginners and those looking to advance to sea paddling.

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See you on the water!

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