There is so much we wish to share with you about stand up paddle boarding.

Hi, I’m Martin. Previously a marine biologist, a retained firefighter, I became a canoe, kayak and of course stand up paddle board guide. Now managing Outdoor Explore Wales and sharing some exciting news from our operations, water sport world and Wales with you on my blog.

Paddleboarding with a seat

Worried you can’t Paddleboard?

Throughout the Outdoor Explore family, we don’t like saying no. It is our aim to accommodate as many people on our slow-paced adventures as we can. We have purchased specific equipment (and will continue to get more) to make our watersport sessions as accessible as possible. Why turn customers away? We’d rather have an honest […]

Do you make this Common Paddleboarding Mistake?

This is such a common mistake – partly due to not knowing, partly due to incorrect information on the internet, and partly down to confusion between different styles of paddles! The most common mistake I see when paddleboarding is related to how paddlers hold their paddle. Often this can be down to paddlers being new […]

Fishing Failure? We check out Mumbles’ best alternatives for your fish BBQ!

As anyone who has been fishing before will know, the ‘catching the fish’ bit doesn’t always go to plan… so after a day’s SUP Fishing with Outdoor Explore Wales (or fishing from the pier – but that’s definitely not as much fun!) we have come up with some alternatives if the pesky fish aren’t biting… […]

BBNP Dark Sky Reserve

Here is something you may not know… The Brecon Beacons National Park has been a Dark Sky Reserve since 2013. There are only 2 in Wales, 7 in the UK and only 20 in the World – so it’s pretty special! What’s a Dark Sky Reserve? An IDA International Dark Sky Reserve is a public […]


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